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Top 5 Low Budget Travel Destinations

Best Places to Travel on a Low Budget

Do you want to travel the world at a low budget? If so, then you are at the right place! we are going to list some of the cheapest and underrated countries to travel the world without breaking the bank. The countries mentioned in the list need the low budget to travel but these are not less in worth and have great value, great scenes, incredible landscape, cuisines and stunning natural beauty. Whether you need helping traveling with movers San Rafael, or you’re going to take on traveling completely on your own, here are the top 5 places you can visit on a low budget.  

  1. Argentina

Argentina is fifth in our low budget and incredible countries list. The place has Europe vibes and contains some of the beautifully rugged landscape, shades of the rainbow, architecture, glaciers, natural scenery and endless snow-capped mountains. The food, accommodation and commute are cheap. Top tourist attractions are bars and restaurants in Buenos Aires, El Calafate glacier, lakes district and Tierra del Fuego National Park for hiking.

  1. Egypt

Egypt is famous for its ancient history, tombs and towering pyramids. The place cost a few dollars for transportation, accommodation and food places. The scenes of the sunset over pyramid or walking through the Nile during the afternoon are really peaceful. The famous places to visit in Egypt are Luxor in Cairo, the Nile river and stunning pyramids of Dashur, Saqqara and Giza.  

  1. Philippine

Philippine is also at the top of the list in our low budget and wonder destinations to travel. The country is popular for its white sand beaches, surfing spots and scenic mountainous region. The cuisines of the country are really dazzling, commute and accommodation are cheap and easy. The people of the country are really nice, warm and hospitable like its wonderful lakes and natural beauty.

  1. Pakistan

Pakistan is one of the most underrated and unexplored beauties of the world. It has a diverse landscape, from beautiful beaches to cold desert, spectacular valleys to marvelous plains, highest mountains to wonderful forests. This is one of the low budget countries on our list. The place has magnificent cuisines, cheapest commute and accommodations to offer. The people of the country are really hospitable and has so much to offer. The famous places to visit in Pakistan are fairy meadows, Himalayas, Cold desert and Islamabad monument.

  1. Sri Lanka

This is one of the best low budget and an incredible destination to travel on vacation. The island is famous for its wildlife safaris, glittering beaches, mountain climbing and beautifully colored temples. The transport, food and accommodation are cheap and you must try the food cuisines of this place specially samosa, and curries. The world famous kitesurfing can be enjoyed at Peninsula, Mannar and Kalpitiya.